Friday, February 23, 2018

Mirroring China's Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes

Experience the elegance of an imperial culture.  Join the Art Institute of Chicago this spring in celebrating a momentous exhibition of Chinese bronze vessels and objects. Mirroring China's Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes is the largest-ever presentation of its kind, with a historically significant scope. 

Used ceremonially in the second and first millenia B.C., these objects were unearthed centuries later and became treasured as sacred in imperial courts. Today they are revered as vital signifiers of cultural heritage, connecting China's past to its perpetually evolving present. Visit now and see how these exquisite artifacts were conceptualized, crafted and collected throughout Chinese history. 

Afterwards, be sure to make your memories unforgettable with an exhibition-inspired memento from the Museum Shop. Read on to see a sampling of items available in-store and online at

Our collection of bronze objects are handmade in China using traditional casting methods. Once they are removed from the cast mold, the intricate decorative motifs are engraved, refined and hand-painted. Revel in resplendent artistry while you harness history for your home.

If you're feeling fanciful, focus on some beautiful birds.  These proud peacocks were thought to be purveyors of luck and symbols of power, divinity and beauty. Wherever you let them alight, they will  manifest magnificence.

Finally, embellish your ensemble with accessories that exude elegance and significance. Our artful accessories include a symbolic silk scarf and jade necklaces hand-carved using historic techniques. Like the exhibition that inspired them, these pieces are both timely and timeless.

Learn more about Mirroring China's Past: Emperors and Their Bronzes here..

To view our entire collection of exhibition related product, visit the Museum Shop online:

Proceeds from all purchases support the Art Institute of Chicago's many programs.

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