Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In Focus: Hand Knotted Lace Jewelry from Paris

Be the conversation piece.
Perfect for all your holiday parties and gatherings, our hand knotted lace jewelry occupies the intersection of art and craft, inviting both conversation and admiration. 
Romantic and baroque yet inspired by craft tradition, this wearable art epitomizes creative evolution.

In a small Parisian studio, artisans utilize the shuttle lace or tatting technique. Once popular in the royal courts of 18th century Europe, tatting is an interlacing of rings and chains formed by tiny knots, using fingers and a shuttle to create intricate patterns.

In this jewelry, our designer has reinvented the traditional technique through formal and material experimentation. With the addition of ornamental pearls, knots are formed of metalized polyester and silk, transforming the lace into exceptionally unique pieces of wearable art.  Adorned in any of these captivating creations, you'll stand out, with a story to tell.

We hope you've learned a bit of knowledge to drop while wearing our hand knotted lace jewelry! Shop now: Hand Knotted Lace Jewelry

Proceeds from all purchases support the many programs at the Art Institute of Chicago.


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