Monday, June 12, 2017

How it's Made: Volubile Jewelry from Paris

Welcome to the Montmartre district in Paris, city of love and light and the origin of our handmade Volubile Jewelry. Delicate, intricate webs spun of durable plated brass and nylon, these pieces are artistic innovation realized in wearable form. Step inside our jeweler's atelier for a glimpse into the creative process at the intersection of design, fashion and visual art that is behind these exquisite pieces. We're in inspirational Paris for this edition of "How it's Made."

Artist and designer Dorine Decauyeux and her small team of skilled artisans first sketch two-dimensional renderings to be translated into sculptural volumes. Inspiration is typically derived from the naturally occurring balance and harmony of organic forms. The metal braided elements are fabricated at a specialized factory in the north of France. These components are then paired with nylon in carefully selected chromatic variations and assembled by hand in the workshop.

During construction, consideration is always given to the interaction of light with each design. Iridescent or contrasting braids are woven inside of the element to add subtle sparkle and to reinforce the volumetric appearance of the pieces. 

Dorine brings her personal fascination with formal and material experimentation to the creative process, yielding atypical results. Delicate and graceful, this jewelry alights gently upon a wearer's skin. Light amplifies the illusion of fragility and emphasizes the interplay of brilliance and transparency that is characteristic of our Volubile Jewelry.

We hope you've enjoyed our Paris sojourn and if you'd like to have a piece of it for your memories or just so you can look fabulous any time, shop here: Volubile Jewelry

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