Monday, March 20, 2017

How It's Made: Queen Anne's Lace Pillow and Coasters for Spring!

Ah, spring. The days are getting longer and lighter and there is air of vitality and renewal everywhere. Spring is the time for celebrating nature and our artist Jessica Hollander's work embodies this reverent sentiment. Jessica has created a line of home decor that lets you bring the light and levity of the season into your home and she's given us a sneak peak at her process here!

The designs are derived from oil paintings which are painted outdoors, inspired by the nuance and beauty of nature.  In this case we've selected the Queen Anne's Lace motif which symbolizes sanctuary and solace. With the canvas renderings under way, they are transported to Jessica's studio in Brooklyn, New York, for finishing touches. She considers each painting to be a portrait and hopes that they convey the healing energy of the dialogue between artist and subject.

When a painting is complete, she photographs sections of the canvas to determine areas that are most interesting from a design perspective. The composition and color are then adjusted so the design can be applied to decorative items for the home, pictured here.

The amended designs are then printed onto textiles, marble and paper to become part of someone's home. The ultimate intent of the artist is to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, thereby elevating the energy of the space. We'll think you'll agree: these wondrous wildflowers will breathe fresh life into your sanctuary.

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