Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How it's Made: Gold Botanical Jewelry


Encompassing evocative design and modern vision, our photo etched jewelry is wearable art conceived by Venezuelan light artist, Claudia Bueno. While experimenting in 2007 with digital and aerospace engineering technologies to use in large-scale installation art, the artist discovered that her intricate designs could be produced with incredible accuracy on stainless-steel sheets. What started as a fun side project to make jewelry for family and friends evolved over seven years while living on four continents, eventually becoming a Made in USA product.

In today's edition of "How it's Made", we get a sneak peek at her process from concept to completion. Here we go!

Claudia begins by developing a series of watercolors and drawings inspired by a lifetime of international exploration. Both cultural influences and nature's diversity are reflected in her linear and elegant designs.

Pushing the limits of raw materials and technology, her designs are digitized and given form using a process called photo etching.

The art is then electroplated in .999 silver or 24k gold and hand-assembled by a young team of local artists, musicians and rock climbers. 

Each limited-edition design reflecting her artistic vision is a unique blend of nature and culture.

For a dynamic look at the artist's large-scale installations, check out the video Fiberspace  shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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