Monday, December 5, 2016

How it’s Made: Baah Humbug Throw & Pillow Set

Our cozy and whimsical tapestry woven Baah Humbug Throw and Pillow create feelings of warmth just in time for the cold winter holiday season. Made with 100% cotton, our throws are yarn dyed; producing long-lasting color, safe for machine washing and years of enjoyment. Learn more about how our Baah Humbug throws and pillows are created.

To weave a tapestry throw or pillow, a modern version of a very old technology is used: the simple warp and weft loom. Both the warp and weft are made of dyed cotton yarns that are woven together in sequence to produce the final effect on the tapestry.

Each loom is set up with 9600 dyed warp yarns, which will establish the colors for the base of the design. Each design is different in color, so the warp yarns are carefully chosen to create the best final effect.

When combined and woven together with the corresponding weft yarns, the tapestry design will begin to take shape. 

You can see the multi-color warp yarns set up tightly on the loom and ready to start weaving here.

The weft is usually made up of two colors, primarily black and natural. A third color is added if it’s needed to enhance or boost a predominate color. In the Baah Humbug throw, a red yarn is added to boost the overall red in the final woven design. If you look closely at the yarn on the weft edge of this throw, you will see the red weft yarns combined with black and natural.

The weft yarn is designed to weave strategically over and under to combine visually with the multi-color warp yarn to create the image you see on the final throw. These yarns run horizontally on the loom and are positioned and adjusted to achieve just the right result in the final piece.

Once color yarns are chosen for the warp and enhancer yarns chosen for the weft (if needed), the loom is set up and the weaving begins.

You can see the process of a partially complete weaving here as the weft yarns make their way across the loom to create the image. The tension of all of the yarns is critical to keep the quality of the image on the final throw.

Our final throw design is the optical effect of the warp and weft yarns mixing together to create the finished image. If you look closely, you can pick out the original color threads.

Once the weaving is complete, each final throw is trimmed and inspected prior to packaging.

Our Baah Humbug Pillow is woven in the same fashion, with three pillows set up to weave across the loom at one time. Once the pillows are finished weaving, they are trimmed, sewn, and then stuffed for final finishing.

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