Thursday, November 17, 2016

How it Made: Wooden Tree Whirligig with Candles

Wooden Tree Whirligig with Candles
Widely considered as “wooden art with heart,” a family-owned workshop in Germany has manufactured wooden folklore for over a century. Nestled in the heart of the Ore Mountains, a region famous for its many Christmas traditions, is where our charming Wooden Tree Whirligig with Candles is made.

Choosing from more than 35 different types, including both locally sourced and exotic woods, each piece of wood goes through a quality check. Then, it is cut manually to length and enters further processing. Throughout the production process, quality is top priority.

Tiny or big, each piece goes through the workshop staff's skillful hands. Paying careful attention to detail, nearly all of the thousands of components are made in the workshop. The artisans put their hearts in what they do.

In the assembly department, these wooden products come to life. The well-experienced staff strives to touch customers' hearts with tiny details.

To make the wood color shine, clear varnish is applied in two steps. These are interrupted by a period of drying and intermediate whetting, a step which takes time but is inevitable as it evens out the little fibers of wood which are raised by varnishing. The varnish also helps resist both UV-radiation and dust.

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