Monday, August 22, 2016

Helpful Hints: Late Summer Picnics

Late summer is an optimal time for picnics. Rainy season is over, the sweltering heat has come and gone, and what’s left is that sweet, comfortable transition between summer and autumn.

Whether your picnic is at the beach, the park or even your backyard, here are some helpful objects that can make for an enchanting and memorable dining experience outdoors.

Protect your party from the elements with stylish throws and pillows, comfy scarves, and handy totes and umbrellas.
Diamond Throw & Pillow Set | Blue Lagoon Scarf | Van Gogh Palette Tote & Umbrella
Help assemble a makeshift table with colorful coasters, useful tools, and fun food displays.
Beaded Edged Glass Coasters | Swiss Cheese Cutting Board Set | Painter's Palette Tray | April Showers Placemats
As the sun begins to set earlier in the evening, keep the area lit with playful lanterns or candle votives.
Laser Cut Lantern-Sunburst | Laser Cut Lantern-Swirls | Perforated Vase – Large | Perforated Vase- Small

Find more objects that can add a little fun to your picnics at the Museum Shop online.

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