Thursday, August 11, 2016

In Conversation: Jennifer

Our new Fall 2016 collection is here! Get the scoop on our new items and learn a little about the process of curating a new assortment each season.

Please provide a brief overview of the new Fall 2016 assortment.

It's a mix of sophisticated rich items and bright cheerful pieces. I think most people like to have a little of both.

We have an exclusive new assortment of handmade Czech glass this season, please tell us a little about these items.

Our Czech glass is very special, and we worked closely with the artists to get just the right collection. They incorporate different materials and finishes like metal inclusions and glass grit. Others have hand painted elements and interesting color combinations.

The colors of our new glass items seem to represent that transition between cool hues of summer to the warmth of fall. When selecting new items, is color more than or equally as important as texture and shape?

All three elements are important but I think color is often what initially draws interest.  I look at a lot of glass, and an unusual color always catches my eye.

The process of curating a new assortment every season can be complex. What is your favorite part of the process?

I like researching home decor trends and working with my colleagues to create a cohesive collection. The most exciting thing is finding a new artist or item that I haven't seen before.

When starting fresh or looking to redecorate a room, how does glass transform a space?

A beautiful piece of glass can give life to a room. It catches and refracts light unlike anything else and glass artists know how to maximize this trait with color and form.

What are five new products you are most excited about and why?

The City Plate from the Czech Republic, the Gold with Dots Italian Glass Tree which was inspired by a vintage Murano tree, the Laser Cut Wood Clock, the Harper Lovey Dovey Panel, and the Spotted Glass Fish which was made especially for us by a talented Italian glassblower.

Thanks Jennifer!

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