Monday, August 1, 2016

How it’s Made: Pleated Ribbon Necklace

“I always loved colors and creation; it seems that I was born with it.” Color and creation are apt terms when it comes to describing our Pleated Ribbon Necklace. Inspired by the fabrics of her childhood, Monika Line-Golz, a textile designer in the south of France, found opportunities to make things, driven by a need to create and express herself through her hands. “I always made amusing and lovely things, colorful and light, and I loved making people smile, to create one of those small pleasures that makes life beautiful,” she says.

Never wanting to do things like everyone else, Line-Golz was searching for something special when she discovered pleated fabrics. She calls it a “living material” that can make extraordinary shapes when used unconventionally. From a beautiful sixteenth century mansion surrounded by nature in Aveyron, France, here is peek into the process of how our Pleated Ribbon Necklace is made.

Since 1994, Line-Golz, also a member of the French craft council Ateliers d’Art de France, fully manufactures her fashion accessories with the help of her employee, Perrine.

The pleated fabrics are manufactured exclusively in France. They are dyed and pleated by a small company like this one in Lyon. It takes three to four meters of fabric to make one meter of pleated fabric.

They receive crude versions of the pleated fabric by the meter, in order to manufacture Line-Golz’s own creations of accessories and clothing.

Line-Golz established a very manual kind of sewing. Growing up with experience in different techniques, she uses a professional machine normally used for luxury undergarments.

However, much of the fabric is sewn by hand. Her process is considered rather unconventional, being inspired by several kinds of arts teamed with a natural sense of observation and intuition.

The end piece is a work of art, a voluptuous vortex of color and design that could have only been accomplished through genuinely creative and avant-garde means.

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