Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tried & True : Wispy Circle Scarf

Best Sellers, Customer Favorites, Top Picks- it doesn't matter how you say it, what's important is that customers can see which items are loved by their peers. We are proud of our products that have earned a 5-Star Rating and have created this feature to share them with you. Introducing the best of the best, the tried and true items from our collection... as decided by you!

There is a reason everyone adores the Wispy Circle Scarf. Handmade in India, this 100% silk scarf catches everyone’s eye. Dress it up or down, the Wispy Circle Scarf adds a perfect touch of whimsy to make every outfit look like a work of art.

★★★★★ "So whimsical--so artsy! This is how to be different for $45 and feel proud as well!!!!! You have some items that ‘just stand out!’”

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