Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In Focus : Kilim Pillows

Full of color, texture, and a little bit of history, our new Kilim Pillows have it all... even the insert! Kilim weaving is one of the oldest and most traditional arts in Anatolia. Anatolian women wove Kilim for use in their own home, using colors and designs they loved and reflected their personal taste. Motifs would show similarities depending on the village or region where they were made, but all pieces remain unique due to the handcrafted nature of each one.

The Kilims chosen for our pillows are all sourced from Anatolia and are around 60-80 years old. They are carefully refurbished, cut in pieces and sewn to a cotton lining. It is the astounding detail and quality of these original Kilims that allow us to take advantage of them as an entirely new product.

The coordinating colors of all five pillows allow you to chose whether you want to make a statement individually, or as a group. Click here to shop our new Kilim Pillows.

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