Monday, February 29, 2016

How it's Made : The Floral Felted Silk Scarf

Handmade in the town of Tire, Turkey, our Floral Felted Silk Scarf represents the timelessness and beauty of an ancient craft- the art of silk felting. The history of felt is far older than weaving, going back to the Uighur period in Central Asia and to the Hittites in Anatolia. This careful process begins with the application of wool felt to delicate silk. After the design has been achieved on both sides, it is covered with a soapy water mixture, machine dried and pressed. This technique allows the contrasting materials to marry and blend, becoming one exquisite piece.

The process is visually compelling, and we are happy to give you a glimpse into the making of one of our very own Floral Felted Silk Scarves.

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