Thursday, February 25, 2016

Conversations With : Ann

Get ready to take some notes, we're talking tips, trends, and a little spring cleaning with Ann!

Q. Can spring cleaning involve wall art?

A. Spring cleaning can absolutely involve wall art. I change the art in my home quite often to freshen things up. Here are my tips -
  • Remember that colors don't have to match, they just have to go together. Remembering this tip can give you some great results.
  • You can mix and match frame colors and styles in one room. This one took me some time to adjust to but it gives your walls more of a gallery feeling, which is very much a trend in wall art now.
  • If you are grouping art together, lay them out on the floor first to map out placement and spacing. Oh, and don't forget your measuring tape and level!
Q. We have two new reproductions in the new collection, what was it specifically about these that made them perfect for spring?

A. The colors and subject matter just said spring. Florals are a natural for spring time and the Summer Sales image, with it's colorful umbrellas, has a happy spring feel to it.

Q. Are you able to incorporate current home trends when choosing new reproduction candidates?

A. We always look at home decorating trends when selecting reproductions. We also look at what is selling in our catalog and website so that we can give our customer complimentary colors and pieces to incorporate into their home decor. One of our most successful items is the Exotic garden Reproduction, I often look at a new image and think about if it could hang in the same room with that image.

Q. Tell us a little about the history of Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Underground.

A. This poster was commissioned in 1935 by the London Underground to promote train travel during the summer months. The vibrant colors of the umbrellas and the mix of patterns really interested us visually and we were sure the other buyers could find some bright and colorful items to compliment this reproduction. Also vintage poster reproductions continue to be a popular trend in wall art for the home and office.

Q. What are you working on for fall- can you give us any hints?

A. We do many hours of research to find new images to bring to our customers. We have some terrific new reproductions on paper and canvas. Something our customers may not know, is that we share the images with the other catalog buyers so that when they are traveling and sourcing new products they have a color and style to reference.

Thanks Ann!

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