Thursday, November 5, 2015

Conversations With : Jennifer

So many beautiful things to talk about- let's get right to it!

Q. What was your inspiration for this years fall assortment of glass, holiday and souvenir?

A. Our goal is always to present the customer with something beautiful and unique. That's why we work hard to have so many items that are exclusively ours. Whether it's the cozy warmth of the Murano Glass Trees or the cool elegance of the Teal and Bronze Glass collection, I hope there is something special for everybody.

Q. We have an exclusive group of Darra Glass on the website, tell us a little about these items.

A. In my opinion, Darra Glass creates modern masterpieces! The studio leans toward bright colors and interesting concepts when they design. The new Mosaic Glass Sculpture is the perfect example of this. It's stunning and very out of the ordinary.  Darra pieces are all handcrafted and you can really see the work that goes into making them. I think we often associate Murano glass with the traditional millefiori style but Darra has made a vibrant contemporary collection. 

Q. Our souvenirs are getting more and more creative- truly filling a niche- our newest being the eye glass case. What are some of the most popular souvenir items from the catalog and why do you think they are the favorites?

A. The Exotic Garden Umbrella and Tote are both very popular. I think people love them because they're functional but sophisticated. If you have to carry an umbrella it should be a beautiful umbrella. That's why we thought a matching Exotic Garden Eyeglass Case would round out the assortment nicely.

Q. How would you describe this years holiday assortment?

A. Festive and bright, but still elegant. I want people to wish they could keep our holiday pieces out year round.

Q. Let's not forget about our new online collection of kids products- how is that going and what is the current customer favorite?

A. We are very excited to offer these high quality kids items to our customers. They were carefully selected to be beautiful gifts to give and get! Our best seller is the Keith Haring Stacking Game. It's a fun way to introduce an artist to a child as young as 3. Plus it's so good looking that adults can enjoy it too. 

Thanks Jennifer!

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