Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Tall Tale Featuring : Our 2015 Halloween Assortment

One hair-raising Halloween night, Art Shopper began to shake with fright.
Someone was lurking by the door, frightening footsteps pound the porch floor.
The doorbell splits the silence with a shriek, Art cautiously takes a peek.
A lone box sits on the front step, Art isn't sure what to expect.
Alas! This box should not scare, it's been sent with care.
With a clap and hop, Art reads the sender- Museum Shop!
Beautiful gifts of glass have arrived just in time, Halloween icons to decorate- how sublime!

Take a cue from Art Shopper and check out our complete assortment of Halloween products. From ghosts to pumpkins, bats to black cats- we can help you celebrate spooky in style!

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