Monday, September 7, 2015

Conversations With : Ann

Our purveyor of paper, our deliverer of decor... let's hear from Ann!

Q. We are showing many of our wall art pieces in multiples this year- were their sizes intentional, allowing for this?

A. Yes, the sizing was intentional for added impact. My assistant Ellie and I do research to see what trends are occurring in wall art and home decor. We then try to give our customers some new, on-trend options.

Q. Which reproduction is your personal favorite?

A. I would say Seligmann's Exotic Garden. That image has been very successful for us and it holds a special place in my heart. In addition, the Chizuko's Cool Breeze (Sofu) from our new assortment. I have an empty wall space in my home that is waiting for that image.

Q. We've seen how the reproductions are framed (here)- tell us about your thought process & how you decide on the frame style/finish.

A. Again we look at trends in home decor and wall art and then work with each image individually. We use samples of frames and work with our framer to make sure we have samples of anything new and exciting and then match the frame to the image. You want to compliment the colors of the image without overpowering it. You can alter the mood of the image with the frame choice, so you need to be mindful of that as well.

Q. From artistry to comedy, our holiday cards this year are so likeable... Which is your favorite? Do you still mail holiday cards?

A. The new card from Sher Schier is my favorite this year and of course I mail holiday cards, I am the holiday card buyer! Goodwill Friends has such a sweet image and I love the interior greeting: "Share the joy of the season". This is a message I try to stay true to during the holiday season.

Q. We have an extended collection of holiday cards exclusively online- tell us about these and what makes them special.

A. We have limited space in the catalog and had so many great options this year, so we decided to broaden our on-line assortment. These cards expand our Linnea Card offering and showcase the metallic printing. We felt this was important to include in our assortment.

Thanks Ann!

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