Thursday, August 27, 2015

Guest Post : The in Things by Donna

Donna is just finishing up a round of travelling across the US and beyond, searching for new and unique products to fill our assortment. So, it's the perfect time for her to pop in here and give us a little trend report... Take it away Donna!

Trend (trɛnd) n

1. general tendency or direction
2. fashion; mode

It starts with a thought, a vision an inspiration. I’ve researched some of the top fashion and home décor trends for fall 2015 and here’s what we have to offer you from our artfully curated collection of finds that were cultivated from across the globe. Happy Shopping!


Romanticize: Ribbons and lace all have their place

Pin Up:

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls (classic with a twist)

Into the Deep (blue that is)

All Ears All the Time:

Textile Appeal:

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