Thursday, June 4, 2015

Father's Day 2015 Gift Guide

It's time to give credit where credit is due, and dad could use a little Thank You! We put together some ideas that we know he'll love. Scroll through and see if any of these convey what you want to say on Father's Day...   

Why we love it: Because it's SNL! This tribune is part encyclopedia, part behind-the-scenes tour, and features all of our favorite featured players. 

Why we love it: This sophisticated organizer was inspired by the designs of the great Frank Lloyd Wright®, and completely made in the USA. Every dad needs a well kept work space.

Why we love them: He can keep them or share them with friends- they're fun, they're familiar, they're favorites from the museum's collection of Pop Art.  

Why we love it: Even dads need to make time for good style. This distinctive little clock is adapted from a Frank Lloyd Wright® design, and the size is perfect to travel with.
Bertoia Framed Reproduction
Why we love it: Dramatic lines and shapes show the classic architectural influence of Harry Bertoia. It's a thoughtful piece dad can call his own.

Charles Ray: Sculpture 1997-2014
Why we love it: Charles Ray is one of America's most outstanding contemporary sculptors. This volume celebrates his sculptural works of recent years, in support of the museum's current exhibition of the same name, running through October 4th.

Stone Disc Sculpture
Why we love it: This sculpture is solid, enduring, a symbol of strength- just as dads often are.

Frank Lloyd Wright® Confetti Tie - Grey/Red
Why we love it: Because a tie is always a good choice, especially when covered with the geometric genius of Frank Lloyd Wright®.

Hopper Glass Wire Weight
Why we love it: Featuring Edward Hopper's painting, Nighthawks, this clever item keep papers tidy, while a curved groove in the bottom keeps cords secure.

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