Thursday, May 14, 2015

Conversations With : Donna

With a sense of humor that rivals her sense of style, Donna is here today to discuss our Spring Assortment!

Q. How would you describe the Spring Assortment?

A. Floral and Feminine.

Q. We have scarves in two main colorways for Spring- orange and blue. Why were those shades chosen?

A. Both color palettes are the epitome of the season. One cool and calming the other fierce and fiery.
The styles within the palettes were selected because they embody a little bit of everything that our customers love. Rich colors, ethereal fabrics, embellishments and bold patterns.

Q. From delicate to bold, we have a pretty diverse collection of jewelry- tell us about it.

A. Well it's all about the earring. From dainty, lamp work glass posts to sleek, hand turned wire drops to patina bronze creations inspired by nature there's a style for just about everyone.

Q. We have a strong group of office/organizational products, how did that come together?

A. It's functional and it's Frank Lloyd Wright, how can you go wrong?  With that said we took the opportunity to introduce a new, finely crafted American made product category to our assortment and so far so good! It adds a high level of distinction to an everyday work space.

Q. What are some of your favorite items from the Spring Collection?

Q. What can we look forward to for Fall? Can you give us any hints?

A. Our Fall line up is extremely enticing. From the jewels and textiles to holiday and home decor the assortment is worldly, rich and well rounded. There's an array of deep blues and bordeaux, luxurious painted silks, tapestry patterned accessories, lustrous lacquer, hand-carved stone objects, faceted gems and glass treasures.

Thanks Donna!

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