Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY : Scarf Tote

Scarves are the perfect accessory.  Tie it this way, drape it that way- they add a pop of color or comfort when you need it.  We have already recounted some of our favorite ways to style a scarf here, so this time we got a little creative and took things a step further by turning one of our most popular new spring scarves into a super sleek tote!  We chose a very simple origami style tote.  Use our easy step by step guide and say hello to some new repurposed and refreshed accessories!

First pick up all the materials you need- there aren't many.  Scarf, lining fabric, one small swatch of fabric or leather for the handle, pen, scissors and thread.  Iron-on interfacing is optional, depending on the weight of the fabric.

Pin the lining to the scarf, right sides facing.  Sew all the way around, leaving one 4" space open to turn the fabric out.  Iron the edges.  You will not need to close that small opening, it will be hidden by the handle.

Lay the scarf out, right side facing up.  Fold one corner down and the opposite corner up.

 Take the bottom right corner and bring all the way across as shown below.

Pin the seam closed on both sides of the tote- right sides facing and sew them closed.

Sew the handle lengthwise- right sides facing.  Turn it out (this is where the pen comes in handy!).  Attach a safety pin to the unfinished edge of the bag and pull through the handle until you see it on the other side.  Sew both top edges of the bag together and even out the handle.

You're finished!

What do you think?  Would you try this?

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