Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guest Post : The Bold & the Beautiful by Taylor

Our next Guest Post comes from Taylor, Assistant to the Buyer in the categories of Glass, Souvenirs, Apparel, Holiday and Children's Items.  Take it away Taylor!

I’m privileged to be able to share with you a product that has captured the attention of many this past year on our website and in our catalog.  The Glass Wind Chimes!  It was first introduced as part of our Spring 2014 Collection and was an immediate hit.

This wind chime will make a fun, bright and bold statement in any home. Whether placed inside or out, eyes will be drawn to this colorful, whimsical work of art.  If a neutral room simply needs a splash of color and you don’t want to clutter the space with a lot of accessories and colors, this wind chime is an affordable option to consider.  If you’re a person that loves colors, use the many shades of this wind chime as a source of inspiration to create a color story.  For example, pick an accent wall and paint it red, matching the red tone on the chime, while leaving the other walls white.  Hang the wind chime in a corner of the room against the red painted accent wall.  Underneath place a vintage, wooden buffet cabinet that complements the wooden base of the wind chime.  And for the final touch add our Colored Glass Vase Set on top of the buffet to create a fun, lively and talked-about space. 

Now if you want to make a larger, more daring statement, group several wind chimes together and create a visual feast for the eyes.  

But wait! This lovely wind chime can be hung outside the home as well!  Delight and welcome visitors entering your home with the beautiful colors of this wind chime hanging from your enclosed porch or front entryway. Or enchant guests at a summer outdoor party by hanging it from your enclosed patio or deck. On a summer night, hang this wind chime near an open window or balcony and be lulled and charmed by the sounds as it sways in the gentle summer breeze.

If you are a fan of this multi-colored version, you will be happy to know that a new color has just been introduced into our assortment.  The Glass Wind Chimes- Blue/Green will inspire a calming, quiet, ocean feel through use of blue, green and clear recycled glass.  As the multi-colored wind chime conveys life, cheer and pop, the blue/green wind chime emanates peacefulness and relaxation.

For example, display this wind chime in an all-white room with wooden floors and let it be the only statement piece in the room, hanging where the sun can catch it and enhance the cerebral colors.  Or to bring harmony, hang it in a painted blue room by a window with sheer white curtains and stainless steel home d├ęcor accessories like our Fruit Loop Bowl.  The possibilities are endless when decorating  with and displaying this wind chime in your home as the colors are soft and subtle. It can merge nicely into any space. 

For the person who prefers to decorate their space with accessories that have a story and real character, but also makes an environmental difference in the world, these wind chimes are the perfect conversation piece. Made entirely out of recycled glass bottles, one can feel good to know they’re playing a part in reducing waste and lessening the burden on our landfills. And since each one is hand-crafted, the purchaser is guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind piece. It will be talked about, beloved and admired.

I hope these decorating tips and examples will inspire you to enjoy and explore the many options these lovely wind chimes have to offer.  Happy decorating!

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