Monday, February 2, 2015

Giving : Valentine's Day Gifts

Dear Valentine,
These gifts are divine.
Don't miss out,
There is no doubt,
Your choice will say Be Mine!

These are all great gifts from the heart- but you can use our Gift Selector to narrow down your search.

Semi-Precious Heart Pin $128
Why we love it : The gorgeous jewel tone semi-precious stones are laced together to form a heart, a symbol of love and friendship.

Why we love it : It's filled with life-size photographs of adorable puppies taken at six weeks old.  What's not to love? Did we mention there is also a Kittenhood?

Why we love it : It's a bright, beautiful bouquet that will never wilt.  

Matrix Tie $94
Why we love it : The colors are happy, the pattern is bold.  It seems festive without being festive.

Why we love it : With multiple strands of iridescent mother of pearl discs in a rainbow of colors, this necklace sure makes a statement.

Why we love it : Put your love out there for all to see.  Our lacquer heart sculpture is inspired by a love that is eternally open and fluid.  

Why we love it : A framework of multicolored threads is woven into sheer silk in delicate shades of peach, red and gold, with tiny tucks of pearlescent beads. Any way you style it, this scarf shows its true colors.

Why we love it : A swirling spectrum of color is frozen in time at the heart of this crystal pendant suspended from a leather cord.  It's simple, but intricate and just doesn't go out of style.

Green Lacquer Jewelry Box $80
Why we love it : What good is jewelry without a stylish way to contain them? Handmade of wood with a rich, glossy finish and dragonfly stick pin closure, this jewelry box is just as beautiful as the baubles you put inside.

Murano Glass Heart on Clear Base- Red $22
Why we love it : It's a heart of gold.  This enchanting little heart is mouth blown as only Venetian glass blowers have for centuries. The colorful glass is even enhanced with a thin layer of gold leaf.

Why we love them: Love notes are not a thing of the past.  These classic black and whites are the perfect canvas for some sweet script.

Heart Shaped Purse $65
Why we love it : Wear your heart, not on your sleeve, but off your shoulder. This fun heart shaped purse covered in multi-colored felt dots is perfect dressed up or down.

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