Monday, September 1, 2014

How it's Made : Neeru Kumar Textiles

Tradition, function and fashion.  This is a recipe textile designer Neeru Kumar has perfected.  Fresh and contemporary, but unmistakably well crafted, she has woven her own story of international success.  

We chose three of Neeru's luxurious textiles for our Fall Collection.  Each one has it's own character, but the common thread they all possess is quality and craftsmanship.  In her own words, "It's all about creating the right fabric. If you have the right fabric, then a very simple cut can make an extraordinary garment." source  

Relentlessly focused on this very statement, we've been allowed to share a candid look inside the making of these classically contemporary textiles- complete with a video showing how intimate a process it truly is.

The process begins by selecting the highest quality yarns, which are hand spun in regions across India- each specializing in their own variety of fiber.  

Our items are made from a combination in Tussar silk and wool.  Traditionally used to make saris, Tussar silk creates a rich texture with a lustrous gold sheen.

Skilled weavers across the Delhi area then use a handloom process to create each textile- the subtle differences between each individual weaver are akin to an artists' signature.

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