Monday, September 22, 2014

Conversations With : Ann

Ann is our Paper Buyer/Product Developer.  One small five letter word- paper- has such a far reach.  From holiday cards to wall art, journals to note cubes, Ann always has her work cut out for her.  We're checking in with her today to find out a little more about this ubiquitous category.
Q. What goes into developing a reproduction- starting with the research and inspiration to finding the perfect frame, etc.

A. To develop a reproduction we do lots of research. We walk through the museum, we do long hours on our museum database, we look at trends in the home decorating market and we look at our past successful images to see if we can find something complementary. For the perfect frame we get together samples that we think might complement the artwork, and then it is just trial and error!

Q. We have more reproductions in the assortment this year and they seem to cover collections from most every wing of the museum- how would you describe this new crop?

A. This years batch of reproductions is quite varied. We took feedback from the customer and also tried to imagine, from what the customer bought previously, what else might fit into their home or maybe even into the same room decor.

Q. Which new reproduction do you predict will be the best seller?

A. My predictions for this year's best seller is the Exotic Garden by Kurt Seligmann. It has been the best for several years and I don't see it moving to number two anytime soon.

Q. What would be your advice for those struggling to find the right artwork for their home?

A. When trying to find the right artwork for your home, go with what makes you stop and take a second look. You can put Impressionism into a modern decor or an abstract image into a traditional decor.

Q. Alligators, Angels and 3D Nativities! Where do we find such unique images for our holiday cards?

A. We work with our collection, our alumni and the market to put together the most eclectic and elegant selection of cards.

Word Quiz!  Pick the one that best describes you or your style.

Q. Summer or Winter?
A. Winter

Q. Tote or Clutch?
A. Tote

Q. Painting or Photography?
A. Painting

Thanks Ann!

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