Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Use : Farmers Market Flowers

To Market, To Market...

There is just so much to love about a farmers market; local produce, live music, fresh baked goodies, and our personal favorite- the flowers.  On a recent trip to the local farmers market we were presented with a rainbow of sweet smelling gorgeousness.  All in season.  All simple and honest and unpretentious.

What is your favorite bouquet?  Pre-made?  It's quick and easy.  A bundle of your own creation?  Fun, creative, and usually the cheaper option.  A potted plant perhaps?  Snip a few tendrils and you still have an entire plant to enjoy around the house.  We really couldn't decide either, so we tried them all!  Shop, prep, choose your loveliest vase (we have you covered there!), and arrange.  It's as easy as that.

Which is your favorite?  Frankly, we love them all!

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