Thursday, February 27, 2014

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In some ways, nothing is truly new, just pieced together in different ways to create the illusion of being new.  Most likely that is a controversial statement... but one that speaks to one of our goals- to go out in search of the latest trends, and then see how we can interpret those thoughts and ideas into our collection, which spans from past to present.  After all, we are an encyclopedic art museum...

Recently we set off across the globe again; an intense round of travelling from New York to Paris, searching for the perfect items to complete our Fall 2014 collection.  One theme we discovered during our travels was decor inspired by moods.

Developed by trend experts for Ambiente, an international trade fair in Germany, we broke these "moods" down for you.

Stunning Temper : A whimsical, creative approach to design.  An original, bordering on eccentric aesthetic is created with a playful mix of materials, pattern and a cheerful color palette.

Subtle Spirit : A more sophisticated, relaxed style.  Modern touches add some masculinity to this slightly feminine approach creating balance.  A bit refined, with some Asian inspiration to create a well rounded collection.

Serene Nature : Described as "unassuming chic", this mood exudes peacefulness and serenity.  Elements of nature, and an organically pieced together collection of simple items in neutrals and pastels, create an uncomplicated style. 

images via ambiente.messefrankfurt

Striking Mind : The most robust of the bunch, this style is characterized by bold patterns, clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme.  Mod design with an architectural edge.

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