Monday, February 24, 2014

Artist Spotlight : Design Milk's Jaime Derringer

Design Milk has been dishing out the latest in art, architecture, and design for just under a decade; making it highly unlikely you haven't come across their bold, black and white milk carton logo at some point.  Accordingly, as Founder and Executive Editor, Jaime Derringer has established herself as an expert in the discovery, education and exhibition of all modern design has to offer.  In her own right, Jaime is an artist, entrepreneur, thought leader, poet.... and our latest interview!  We are so pleased to get to know Jaime a little better, and hope you enjoy the insight as much as we do...

What made you want to start Design Milk?

I had some free time and felt the need to do something creative. I’ve always been passionate about modern art and design, and while trying to find new furniture and decor for my townhouse, I discovered blogs. I decided to use Design Milk as a place to bookmark things I was finding for my home, but it soon became a place to share all the cool stuff I found while digging around on the Internet. Somehow, other people found me and liked the things I was sharing… it was all very organic.

What criteria do you use to choose the content/features?

We have an editorial calendar that follows the same format each week to make sure we have a nice, balanced and well-edited selection of articles. We get submissions from designers, architects and artists as well as go out and find great stuff on our own either by surfing the internet or by attending trade shows and design fairs.

How has DM evolved since it's start in 2006?

In the beginning, it was just me sharing things I liked. While it still all goes through me, I now have a great team of people helping me find and share everything. I am so grateful to have such a loyal and talented team behind me.

140103, 2014, 14"x17" acrylic, pencil and marker on paper

You are an artist yourself; with so many responsibilities, how do you find balance in your life?

Balance is something I've learned isn't easy to maintain. My life is always one-sided, swaying one way and then the other. Some weeks I’m one way, other times, I swing in the other direction. It’s hard, but I try to make sure overall I’m able to take time for myself and my family.

What is the best advice you ever received?

That it’s OK to say no.

Design Milk, Dog Milk, your own artwork... what is next for you?

We’re working on some fun projects with Design Milk that will hopefully get off the ground in 2014. I’m also hard at work on some new art. Overall, I hope not to take on too much more but we’ll definitely see some growth this year.

Thank you Jaime!

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Clockwise from left: Wright Robie House Glass Panel | Fruit Loop Bowl | Moonlight Waves Chimes | Mosaic-Like Framed Reproduction | Paperclip Clock | Samurai Umbrella  

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