Thursday, January 30, 2014

From the Collection

Artists have long been walking that delicate line between design and functionality.  In 1896 Louis Sullivan coined the phrase, "form ever follows function", meaning that the design should always reflect it's intended use.

Two contemporary artists that have taken this classic design challenge to heart are Samuel Wilkinson and Craighton Berman.  They have created works of art from simple, common, every-day elements.  In the truest test of creating museum quality art that is accessible, designs from each of these individuals fit seamlessly in our Museum Shop assortment, as well as the museum's permanent collection.

Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson's PLUMEN 001

The PLUMEN 001 is the world's first designer energy saving light bulb. A necessary object that can now serve as tangible art. The name is a combination of the bird's decorative feathers (plume) and the unit of light (lumen).  The beautiful, sculptural design of this bulb makes it perfect for light fixtures that feature an exposed light bulb, and by using 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb, it is better for the environment!

Craighton Berman's Coil Lamp

With just two clear plastic interlocking pieces, a 100 foot industrial extension cord is transformed into an eye catching lamp.  Reducing the materials by using the same item for composition and power source-
"domestic design" they call it.  We agree.

So there you have it.  A couple items that make it easier to incorporate art into every day living.

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