Friday, November 15, 2013

Giving : Gifts for Her

We hope you loved our creative compilation of Gifts for Him.  Not to be outdone, our Gifts for Her are just as great!  Wear, serve, display, read, wrap, carry ... you're bound to find something she'll love.

Why we love it : A delightfully complex mixture of texture and color, this soft scarf encircles your neck in flattering warmth. 

Peacock Glass Bowls Set
Why we love them : Lustrous blues and ambers swirl in a hypnotic feather pattern, demonstrating the mastery of Turkish glassmakers.  This hand-painted set will showcase any salad, or stand alone as beautiful decor.

Murano Glass Doves
Why we love them : Our petite doves send a message of love and peace.   A set of cool turquoise and glowing ivory, each dove is mouth blown and delicately finished with gold leaf.

Exotic Garden Reproduction
Why we love it : Dreamlike botanical shapes create a bold design; while rich, warm organic colors maintain the versatile nature of the piece.  A museum worthy work of art that doesn't feel out of place in the comfort of your own home.

Why we love them : These hand-blown and meticulously hand decorated vases mimic the flow of the petals you place inside.  A design of delicate strength is achieved by using a combination of glass and metal; each piece is unique. 

Why we love it : The honest and unexpected way Tim Flach is able to capture the animals in his photos is truly an artform.  More than Human showcases a menagerie of creatures, each image more striking and powerful than the last.  An endearing book for the animal and photography enthusiast alike.  

Wedding Rings Sculpture
Why we love it : One of our best selling pieces, this sculpture is a tender depiction of love.  It's simple but captivating design will add beauty anywhere it's placed.

Why we love it : It's an everlasting artistic floral arrangement!  This handcrafted glass panel creates instant ambiance as light filters through it's luscious purples and blues.  Perfect for any window.

Why we love it : Effortlessly charming and playful, this brightly colored necklace and earring set is just as much a joy to wear as to look at.  Made of anodized aluminum, it's virtually weightless!  

Monet Water Lily Pond Throw
Why we love it : Wrap yourself in warmth.  Inspired by impressionist Claude Monet's Water Lily Pond, our beautiful woven tapestry throw makes a comforting impression of it's own.

Why we love it : Tiers of featherlight sari silk in a rainbow of hues create a playful carryall for your precious cargo.  Handmade from repurposed saris, it's an environmentally conscious fashion statement.

Why we love them : Delicate curved petals expertly handcrafted in France form these lifelike poppy pins that are sure to brighten your day.  A floral gift that will never wilt.  

Looking for gift ideas for the host/hostess as well?  Check out our recommendations here!

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