Monday, October 21, 2013

On the Road : Naples

Surrounded by two volcanoes and a body of water, Naples is a city unlike any other.  Sometimes known for its crime and corruption, we left with a feeling of accomplishment; gaining long lasting knowledge, friendship and experience.  We uncovered the beauty around every corner.

We were drawn to Naples for a specific purpose... a Neapolitan cr√®che; a tradition that is carried on by skilled artisans in this region.  We found our way to San Gregorio Armeno Street, where these artists gather together to carry on this custom.  Shop after shop features these handcrafted wonders which have evolved from the early elements- the holy family surrounded by angels and traditional scenery- to now include a gamut of characters and landscape components, drawing inspiration from current events, politics and every day life.  This change has increased the mainstream popularity, in some cases making the Neapolitan Nativity scene more popular in Naples than a Christmas tree.  

We've compiled an amazing assortment of handcrafted figures in Naples and can't wait to share them with you.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek next month!

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