Friday, October 4, 2013

On the Road : Como

Meet Laurence.  Laurence is the head of product development and part owner of a textile and fashion accessories company we partner with in Como, Italy.  She is the vision behind the fabrics, colors and designs of our sophisticated shawls.  We had the pleasure of visiting with Laurence during our recent trip to Italy.  Learn what inspires her below...

How did you get started?
In 1995 I met my husband Francesco in Turkey.  His family was involved in textile business from generations, on Como lake.  Lawyer in Bruxelles at that time, I decided to move to Como (who wouldn't have done it?) and to start working in the family company.  I have learnt all about the job directly from my future mother-in-law, but as every family receipt, each generation has a special ingredient to add.  So now, I'm in charge of all the styling and product development of the lines of accessories we are producing.  Ours is a family company, so we directly take care of all the steps, including the selling contact with our customers...And we love this aspect!

What inspires your designs?
The Saldarini's line has always been inspired by the Italian lifestyle and culture... with centuries of story and beauty around this country, is a fountain of inspiration by itself!  Art's lover, I'm inspired by architecture, home design, textures of fabrics and by everything which is around me: nature, people, music, painting...

Who is your favorite artist?
This is a very hard question...  As a Belgian, I personally fell in love with Magritte when I was very young, but I'm really keen on any kind of art...  Painting is of course very important: my last experience was the Matisse exhibition in NY in December... Simply amazing!  But in my opinion art is not just painting, but also music, sculpture, fashion...  Maybe this last one is the only one which is not oriented to public but still reserved to few users.  This is such a pity, I think that some fashion exhibitions need to be promoted.

How does art influence your life?
Art is an essential part of my life.  Travelling a lot, I always take the occasion to visit any artistic event taking place in the city I am: concerts, painting and sculpture exhibitions, and of course I always try to spend some time in the nature itself, which I consider a fountain of art expressions.  I try to dedicate time to discover new young talents too, because this is as important as studying XIX century collections.

What is one item you couldn't live without?
The item I can't live without, because of need, is sunglasses.  I use them ALWAYS, changing them very frequently, playing with colours and styles.

What do you do when you aren't working?
I work a lot, it's a part of my life, and as I love my job, this is not a problem.  However, I'm also a happy mother, so I spend time with my two children, following their passions (they both play music and sports) and sharing short but intensive experiences with them.  I also love to take care of my garden; this is a very hard job, but it deeply makes me relax.

Thank you Laurence!

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