Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On the Road : Venice

Renown for it's canals and bridges, architecture, film and music influences, Venice epitomizes "La Dolce Vita".  

Venice is a city rich in culture that serves as a gateway to the island of Murano, where the 1000 year old art of glass blowing still resides today.


Murano glassblowers excel in hot remolding of glass and blow exceptional forms that are delicately shaped using minimal tools.  No two are ever alike and each is a unique work of art.  Secret glass making books are passed down from fathers to sons in glass making families to insure the highly skilled craft continues to live in a mass produced society.

Join us as we meet artisans who years ago were business partners, friends today, who share the common goal of preserving the tradition and authenticity of a millennium long history.  

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