Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Us : Donna

Donna : Buyer/Product Developer Jewelry, Textiles, Home Furnishings

How would you describe yourself?
Fun, Witty, Adventurous, Determined, Hardworking.

How does your style influence the products you develop?
I like to develop product that is timeless and understandable with an element of surprise.

Of all the places you've traveled for work, what is your favorite?
Santa Fe!  It's rich with culture, history and artists that work to preserve their craft.  Santa Fe is a tiny gem in the middle of the desert that everyone should visit.

What do you do when you aren't working?
Enjoy spending time with my two beautiful boys and husband doing everything from visiting the zoo to BBQing in the backyard.  I love fashion and shopping and I've become slightly addicted to Pinterest.  It's my ultimate dream closet!

Who is your favorite artist?
Alphonse Mucha.  The first thing I bought for myself when I started working at the AIC was a framed Mucha reproduction from the Museum Shop.

What are your top nine favorite items from the current assortment?
From left to right: Smoke Gray with Gold Accents Vase and Bowl Set | Ellipse Pin | Annular Eclipse Scarf | Guardian Angel Sculpture | Kupka Framed Reproduction | Black Iris Pin | Watered Roses Shawl | Blue Jade & Silver Agate Necklace | Porcelain Silhouette Lanterns

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  1. Hey there, I just finished my new board on Pinterest "My AIC Space":
    Your museum shop has so many wonderful items.
    Please enter me in your contest.
    Thank you.