Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the Road : International Folk Art Market

Here at the Museum Shop we know that quality and authenticity is important to you.  Our buyers travel across the globe to cultivate an appreciation of the arts by offering objects that educate, entertain, and represent our vast collection.  Luckily, we didn't have to travel too far this time.  We headed over to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe!
Santa Fe is a city rich in history and tradition.  Evidence of this surrounds you, from the architecture to the people themselves.  In a valley overlooking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it's the perfect setting for the International Folk Art Market, now the largest international folk art market in the world.
This market has a reputation of excellence, going as far as to offer advanced training programs to ensure the quality of the products coming from all 190 artists that participate is impeccable.  There is a shared feeling of history and carrying on traditions that can support whole communities.  The atmosphere of this market is infectious, and we are excited to have forged some solid working relationships to bring you authentic handmade items created with much love and care.  We hope you feel it too!

Presenting our wonderfully curated group of handcrafted items sourced from the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe!
Hand-knotted Moroccan Necklaces | Felted Wool Jewelry from Mongolia
Woven Silk Ikat Scarves From Uzbekistan
Handmade Beaded Collars from Equador
South African Wooden Mask Sculptures
Sequined Haitian Boxes and Rattles
Hand-Woven and Banana Leaf Baskets From Uganda
Crocheted Recycled Plastic Bag Purses from the Dominican Republic
Embroidered Mongolian Clutches | Woven Ikat Clutches from Uzbekistan
Felted Wool Hats from Mongolia
Woven Cotton and Silk Textile from Laos
Indigo Dye and Batik Scarves from Nigeria

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