Monday, August 19, 2013

Centerpiece : Seligmann's Exotic garden

One piece can change the look of an entire room.  Whether you are starting fresh and decorating around it, or finding ways to incorporate it into your existing decor... there is always a Centerpiece that inspires the design of a room.

Need a little inspiration?  Let us do the work for you.  Our Fall collection is filled with high impact items that can be the Centerpiece of your room.  In each Centerpiece feature we will choose a striking item from our retail collection and suggest alternative product combinations to create one cohesive look.

The Exotic garden reproduction is one of our best sellers.  The original, created by Swiss-American surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann, can be found in the Museum's permanent collection.  This piece makes a bold statement, yet it's warm colors and organic design are versatile enough to flow with numerous aesthetics.  Whether they have matching colors and patterns, or just feel right together; we believe that our product combinations featured below, coordinate with and emphasize the beauty of Exotic garden.  Looking for wearable art?  We've got you covered there too.  There are so many great options.  How many you choose is up to you...

Clockwise from Left: Exotic Garden Tie | Exotic Garden Scarf | Jade Drops Glass Platter | Amber Glass Lamp | Embracing Couple Lacquer Sculpture | Woven Drops Throw | Blown Glass Birds | Swirl Wine Rack | Art Glass Vase Set

Did we miss anything?  What would you choose to coordinate with your Exotic garden reproduction?

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