Thursday, July 25, 2013

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

In support of the Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity exhibition running June 26 through September 29, we have not only curated our own collection of 19th century fashion accessories, but also an entire shop experience that will transport you to a Parisian parlor. After strolling through art and fashion created and documented by Caillebotte, Degas, Monet, and Seurat; continue your promenade through our unique collection of couture fashion accessories, stationery and home furnishings.
Just as each room of the exhibition creates it’s own individual atmosphere, so does the shop as an extension of the show. Product is scattered over lovely lace covered furniture, heavy oak trunks, and iron forged tables. Creamy wallpaper patterned with powder blue polka dots line the walls, further softening the room.
We've selected jewelry made from original Cartier molds, gloves identical to those worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, hats and headpieces handcrafted in Paris, gold framed reproductions, pearls, silk, and much more.
1. London, England. Handmade headdress with feathers and satin bow.
2. Paris, France. Frivolite jewelry- hand knotted silk with beads.
3. Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and onyx jewelry from original 19th century molds.
4. Paris, France. Handmade tulle and netting veil.
5. London, England. Handmade feather headband with feather mounts and tulle bow.

So pull on your silk gloves, grab your top hat, visit your coiffeur and make sure you visit Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity and shop our exclusive collection that will make you the talk of the town.

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