Monday, September 26, 2016

To You: Autumn Glass Pumpkins & Leaves Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper

Embrace the new season in every aspect with digital wallpapers that fit your autumn aesthetic. Our gift to you, download free wallpapers featuring our Autumn Glass Pumpkins and Leaves for your computer, phone, and tablet!

Simply save the images below to your computer or mobile device and set as a background and/or lock screen. Having problems? We've provided some tips below to ensure these lovely images are tailored for your computer or mobile device.

Computer Desktop:



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Computer monitors vary in size. If the image appears too large or too small for your monitor, simply go to your Control Panel : Appearance : Change Desktop Background. Here you can change the picture position to Center, Fill, Fit, Stretch, etc. Our recommendation is Fill, but it's up to you!

Mobile devices vary in size. Go to your mobile device’s Setting app to set and adjust the appearance of the wallpaper on your screen.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall: 10 Autumnal Must-Have Items

It’s the time of year when the leaves start changing, the sweaters come out from the back of the closet and pumpkin spice lattes become part of the morning routine.  Today marks the first day of fall, and after a blissful summer, we’re ready to take it easy and enjoy the brisk breeze and colorful foliage before snowflakes start melting on our noses.

Perfect for the season of abundance, our new fall assortment is full of wonderfully eclectic designs and bold colors, which makes it difficult to narrow down the list to only 10 must-have items for fall. Here are our autumn favorites - essential objects that are guaranteed to charm everyone this season – in no particular order.

1. Glass Leaf Lamp

Representing the brilliant trees of fall, stained glass branches bow under the mock weight of scarlet leaves, supported by a cast zinc trunk base. To learn more and purchase, click here.

2. Fall Print Shawl

Made of a silk and wool blend, it's the perfect weight to pack for those just-in-case moments. Hand-woven in India and digitally printed in a multitude of fall colors. To learn more and purchase, click here.

3 + 4. Autumn Glass Pumpkins – Confetti + Ocean

Delicate, graceful hand-blown glass breathes life into a beloved icon of the fall season. A stem falling into curly tendrils adds character to these glistening pumpkins in numerous shades. To learn more and purchase, click here.

5 + 6. Autumn Glass Leaves – Blue & Yellow Set + Amber & Orange Set

Enjoy the ephemeral beauty of fall all year round with these remarkable glass leaves. To learn more and purchase, click here.

7. Autumnal Pillow & Throw Set

The neutral palette and laid back design of these textiles make them so versatile, they go with virtually any décor. To learn more and purchase, click here.

8. Mixed Stone and Amber Necklace/Earrings Set

The beauty of nature is personified with this coordinated collage of beautiful Baltic amber, peridot, and jade. To learn more and purchase, click here.

9. Tapestry Duffle

A gently textured flower motif and soft leather straps creates one stylish traveling companion. To learn more and purchase, click here.

10. Sargent Canvas Reproduction

These autumnal tones are sure to warm up your home. Inspired by the outdoors, Thistles, 1885/89 by John Singer Sargent (American, 1856-1925) captures the natural essence of barb and bramble with a creative use of light and shadow. To learn more and purchase, click here.

Shop our entire fall collection here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

In Good Form: Squared²

Vivacious Wall Art
Most of us might not want to take a trip back to a high school Geometry class, but let’s take away the equations and proofs to appreciate how shapes can add new dimensions to a space or an outfit.

Squares offer symmetry, but don’t let that fool you into thinking squares can be boring. Think outside of the box, and see how four sided symmetry can draw the eye and turn something intense to playful (or vice versa) with creative and unique design.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

In Conversation: Donna

We’re over summer and ready for fall! Luckily, we have a new collection to celebrate the changing seasons. Get the scoop on our new items and what makes them unique artworks of their own from one of our buyers, Donna.

How would you describe our new Fall 2016 assortment?​

Warm, rich, bountiful and beautifully curated.

Which new season trends can consumers find in our new assortment?​

Our assortment has an endless array of fall trends represented from earthy elements, velvet, matte finishes, natural stones and pearls.  You can find these trends with our Driftwood Jewelry, Velvet Beaded Cowl, Perforated Vases, Tiger Eye Pearl and Crystal Necklace, and Amber Bangle.

Curved Twist Sculpture | Circle Sculpture – Red | Elongated Oval Sculpture | Double Curve Sculpture

Our sculptures are always a hallmark of our collection. Please tell us about the latest ones to join our collection.

​Our newest collection of sculpture are curved, twisted, elongated, and circled in shiny new lacquer colors that will make you fall for every single one of them. 

Curating a new assortment every season can be quite complex. What is specifically your favorite part of the process?

​My favorite part of the process is getting to know the artists and techniques behind each unique product that is selected for our assortment.  There is a lot of love and labor that goes into fashioning a work of art.​

With catalogs in home and our new assortment available online, is there a new item that you are most surprised by its popularity?

​The response to the Blue Lagoon Scarf has been tremendous.  It is a merino wool knit, hand woven in Ireland, and the ombré coloring that is achieved through the loom-weaving process is truly outstanding. The Asymmetric Glass Clock from Italy has been popular as well.

Origami Cat Pin | Origami Dove Pin | Circle Cut-Out Pin | Circle Cut-Out Earrings | Annular Eclipse Scarf

Name a new fall item you find to be the most interesting of the Fall 2016 assortment and why.

​The most interesting part of our assortment is the ability of the artisans to translate the use of traditional techniques on unconventional products.  ​ ​For instance, the Cat and Dove pin​s and the Annular Eclipse Scarf feature the traditional art of origami in porcelain and silk.​  The Circle Cut Out earrings and pin are crafted in the form of a collage using mixed media.

Thanks, Donna!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trending: Velvet

Nothing quite gives the right feeling of fall than a fabric that begs to be touched. One of our favorite current trends is velvet. When it’s rendered in bold, rich hues, the historically famous and sumptuous material becomes downright glamorous.

Check out new velvet accessories that will add grace and sophistication to your look.

Murano Velvet Bracelets – Blue, Burgundy, Gray & Gold

Thursday, September 8, 2016

In Use: Exotic Garden Tote & Eyeglass Case with Cloth

Labor Day marks the end of summer for many of us, and if there’s one thing we learned this season, it’s just how many things you can easily fit into our Exotic Garden tote. Along with our matching eyeglass case and cloth, we were able to tote along everything from our tech gadgets to personal items to even a novel or two.

Whether we needed to go out shopping, stock up on entertainment for a flight, or use a quick and easy bag to head out for Sunday brunch, the convenience and ethereal beauty of our Exotic Garden tote and eyeglass case with cloth make them cross-seasonal wonders and must-have accessories.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labors of Love: Five Special Handmade Items

Labors of love often come to be from the pleasure of creating something exquisite. The result of such care and craftsmanship is always so astonishing that it is a reward in and of itself.

As you’ve seen through our How it’s Made blog post series and catalog, many of our handmade objects are unique and exclusive to the Museum Shop online. On this Labor Day, here are five new and exclusive handmade items we are proud to offer as part of our collection.

Dancing Glass Angel

Wool Silk Cape – Olive

Italian Glass Pendant - Blue

Autumn Glass Lamp

Wave Wine Rack